Weihnachten | christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas We wish all customers, suppliers and friends of JWE-Baumann GmbH a merry and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

IMPC at Metalex in Bankog.

IMPC at Metalex in Bankog. Starting 12th to 23rd November, IMPC will be present at Matalex, booth AM03 at the German Pavillion at the Metalex, the international Exibhition for Tools and Machine tools for metal maching in Bankog Thailand.

IMPC is now a member and promoter of the MACHINING Innovation network.

IMPC is now a member and promoter of the MACHINING Innovation network. To be successful in the future you should know the market needs and technological trends of tomorrow. Industry and research are confronted with shorter innovation cycles, more complex system products, an increasing variety of variants and individual customer requirements, with faster time-to-market and higher cost pressures. Dynamic organizations are a key to tackling these challenges. Based on a mature structural concept, the Machining innovations Network supports the partners in research and

On Tour in Everett (Wash.)

On Tour in Everett (Wash.): IMPC GmbH President Rolf Schwarz and Carsten Töbelmann VP Marketing and Sales of our project partner HTH Werkzeug Technologie GmbH from Raden Germany at the Being facility in Seattle and Everett Washington U.S.A.

IMPC Startup Service for the Chinese Market

IMPC Startup Service for the Chinese Market: Are you looking to establish your company on the Chinese market and need assistance? IMPC can help! We act as an incubator and can help you take the first steps in China and overcome bureaucratic hurdles, all under one roof. We can also advise you with your strategic orientation in China.

A One-Stop Shop

A One-Stop Shop: IMPC offers project setup, process, equipment, tool procurement, process running-in and optimization as project manager or as a service. In the field of industrial mechanics, we conduct work on cutting and assembly machines. We manufacture and install machine units, equipment and prototypes. – Clamping fixtures, special machine and prototype design – Automations with various functions – Special machines such as transport and conveying equipment – Electrical installations and programming – Retrofitting in all fields

improvement-in-productivity-through-tool-monitoring | 通过工具监控提高生产率

Improvement in Productivity through Tool Monitoring

Improvement in Productivity through Tool Monitoring: Does static service life data during processing bother you? In our IMPC network, we work together with our network partner Digital Way to handle tool monitoring and predictive tool time analysis. Tools can often be used longer than the static service life data will allow. In many cases, however, early tool errors will cause not only a reduced service life but also considerable additional costs due to faulty parts and loss of production capacity, sometimes

VDia 1000 Low Temperature Coating

VDia 1000 Low Temperature Coating: CVD coated and PCD vein technology tools are used for non-ferrous metals, plastics, carbon materials as well as composite materials such as CFRP and GFRP. Both tool versions are disposable tools which allow no or only limited reconditioning and therefore cause a heavy load of tool costs per manufactured part. Our VDia 1000 coating allows almost identical service life conditions while simultaneously reducing costs through reconditioning and multiple use of the VDia coated tools.

Productivity Solution

Productivity Solution: Hollow mill with PCD blades for the external machining of aluminum die cast parts. 10 tolerances within 10µm with 100% tolerance utilization achieved in a work cycle without preparation. Within the IMPC network, we sought to find a solution to increase the reliability of the production process. The goal was to attain a highly stable process for tolerance overlapping with fixed, nonadjustable tools and multiply variable machine utilization. The solution consisted of: Radial runout: adjustable solution to compensate a variety of