IMPC is now a member and promoter of the MACHINING Innovation network.

To be successful in the future you should know the market needs and technological trends of tomorrow. Industry and research are confronted with shorter innovation cycles, more complex system products, an increasing variety of variants and individual customer requirements, with faster time-to-market and higher cost pressures.
Dynamic organizations are a key to tackling these challenges.
Based on a mature structural concept, the Machining innovations Network supports the partners in research and development.
The association complements the competencies of its members individually and combines the value-creation potential along the process chain as an integrated partner platform. This is in line with the objectives of the collaborative development of innovative products, a targeted transfer of know-how and information, the development of profitable business contacts and fields, and access to new markets.
Top position through technology leadership.
The focus of the association is on the development andinitial testing of technology and process innovations with the aim of setting milestones in machining practice.
The starting point is the increasing use of new materials – e.g. Titanium, Carbon Fiber, … This material is of particular importance in future aircraft programs and poses new challenges for machining. Speed, precision and flexibility need to be increased, while reducing costs and saving time.